Piper Cherokee Six

Piper Cherokee Six
These aircraft MUST use 100 Octane Low Lead fuel

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

National Aviation Industry is bowing over to EPA by trying to find Low Lead Alternatives

Alaskan pilots and aircraft owners better prepare your arguments now, the EPA has released an "advance" notice of proposed rule making in regards to eliminating lead from aviation 100 Low Lead fuel. This means that a ban can happen anytime after the public comment period closes IN 60-DAYS!.

This report was posted today by AVweb in a flash:

Industry efforts to find a replacement for 100LL are expected to intensify now that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has released its advance notice of proposed rulemaking regarding the need to eliminate lead from fuel. The ANPRM does not set a date for eliminating the fuel, but invites interested parties to send comments on the issue for the next 60 days. "Converting in-use aircraft/engines to operate on unleaded aviation gasoline would be a significant logistical challenge, and in some cases a technical challenge as well," the EPA said. The EPA also acknowledged that a joint effort with the FAA will be critical in case engine modifications will need to be developed and certified, AOPA said. "Given the potentially large number of affected aircraft and the potential complexities involved," the EPA said, "a program affecting in-use aircraft engines would need careful consideration by both EPA and FAA, and the two agencies would need to work together in considering any potential program affecting the in-use fleet."

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